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    Yes, but you can’t have plans. For example, $19.99 includes 300 minutes after free minutes charge $0.009

    • Service Plan Name:

    Service plan name


    • TBD:

    Should Time Based Dialing be applied to the current Service Plan

    (ex. Yes, No, N/A)

    (Option buttons)

    • Minimum charge:

    Minimum charge applied to each made call regardless of the call duration

    (ex. If call is made, no matter how much it lasts, this ‘minimum charge’ will be applied)


    • Connection charge:

    Charge applied to any call that leaves the system (only if other party answers)

    (ex. If this charge is set to 0.4, each call that leaves the system will be charged that amount when other party answers the call)


    • Connection Charge per Destination Group:

    If this option is set to Yes, user can define Minimum charge and Connection charge per Destination Group. If is set to No, Minimum charge and Connection charge will be applied from Service plan.

    • Total Inclusive Minutes:

    Total number of inclusive minutes assigned to a service plan

    (e.g. if the value of this field is set to ‘5’, each user extension assigned to this service plan will have 5 free (inclusive) minutes of call time to a location to which inclusive minutes apply)


    NOTE: ‘Minimum charge’ and ‘Connection charge’ will be applied if set.

    • Grace Period:

    Number of seconds at the beginning of a call that are not charged

    (ex. If the grace period is set to 10, and a call lasted 15 seconds, only 5 seconds of the call will be charged)


    • Call Rating Increment:


    (ex. If ’30/6′ is selected, and you’ve made the call which lasted 12 seconds, it will be billed as if you’ve made a 30 seconds call. If the call lasted for 39 seconds – it will be billed as if the call lasted 42 seconds (30 + 6 + 6 = 42))

    (Select box)