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    Still not sure of what do you want.
    What is the destination after the IVR choice? An extension or a queue?

    If Its a queue, you have 2 ways of reproducing a message to the caller before the MoH is reproduced, one choice was in my answer, For example, IVR option 1: create an announcement with the queue “assistance” as destination and choose the recording of you preference, so anything that goes to this announcement will be sent to this queue, then go to the IVR end change de destination of the option 1 to this announcemente, só your caller will make the choice and be directed tho the announcement, will hear you recording and then, goes to the queue.
    The second possibility is in the queue configuration, in “Join Announcement” you can set a recording the caller will hear at he enters in the queue.

    The announcements are reached in PBX/Incoming Calls/Announcements
    You must send your audios first: Settings/PBX Settings/Recordings Management