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    I have pretty much the same situation. I’ve got 5 used SNOM 720 SIP phones from a friends’ company and now I am trying setup a VOIP system for myself for personal use. The SNOMs are reset back to defaults and therefore I cannot check how they were set up.

    I have installed VitalPBX as Virtual Machine in NAS. I have done all the network settings and setup some extensions. PBX seems to work well and is steady. I have never done this before so I am not sure how to is properly set up and how to move on. For the start I am planning to set up the system only for my house without outside line and then I get the outline from a telecom company when I first get the system work (pbx+phones in the subnet) so that I can call from one phone to another. Or do I need already at this point outside line?  I can get that too. Already agreed with the telecom operator and now I just need to say when I need it be operational.

    There are videos and all kinds of very detailed instructions which show that there are huge amount of abilities, but I cannot find a simple instructions just to get this working. I will later tune the system with all the bells and whistles but now I just want to get the system work in my subnet as simply as possible.

    I would appreciate if someone could link to very simple step-by-step instructions how to get a small simple system to work, or if someone could help me a bit to set this system up. There are absolutely too many options to select just to get this work. I don’t know which are essential to get the system work.

    It is much easier to try to change different options when I have working system and then I can discover what each change does for the system (kinda trial and error procedure and learning curve for the detailed finetunings). I have done quite a lot of tuning and cannot get this work.

    The videos in youtube show all kinds of possibilities in all the options but there is no simple instructions for the simple new system. I Just to get this working first.