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    Posted by: @steve

    Is there an easy was for say a group like support to have 10 phones but they all would share the same voicemail box?  A call comes in unanswered and the caller leaves a voice mail.  All phones MWI indicator would flash on all phones.  They all could use the “Message button” to call and get the voicemail without a password even though they were calling in from their own extension.  Any help would be appreciated.  TIA.

    What about creating a dummy extension 1111
    Enable “Generate Hints” there in Voicemail Tab and save and apply
    See Status > Hints
    It will generate extension: vm_1111

    You could then add vm_1111 as BLF-Key or VoiceMail Button. It will then show you if a news messages is available.
    Only thing you need to setup is a password like: 1111
    No Password is not possible or you would need to do a custom context if no password is really important. VitalPBX-Support could help you with this!