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    I found that if I set Settings -> Technology Settings -> SIP Settings Allowed Guest = Yes, I can at least get the calls into VPBX consistently. 

    The problem is now getting it to recognize the incoming DID. With the above suggestion of appending “/signalwire” onto the Register String, along with Get DID From = To, am getting the “I’m sorry no route exists” error from VPBX.

    — Channel ‘SIP/’ sent to invalid extension: context,exten,priority=incoming-calls,signalwire,1

    If I leave off the “/signalwire” string the call will come in and get a busy signal.

    — Executing [h@sip-default:1] NoOp(“SIP/”, “Guest call to DID h”) in new stack
    — Executing [h@sip-default:2] Goto(“SIP/”, “default-trunk,h,1”) in new stack
    — Goto (default-trunk,h,1)

    Just dies right there.