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    Posted by: @intelesync


    No I didn’t configure the trunk according to SignalWire instructions. That would require going out and mucking around in Asterisk confs which completely defeats the purpose of using VitalPBX.

    Have configured the SIP trunk in VitalPBX. It registers okay. Outbound calls from it work okay. Have configured the Inbound Route for a SignalWire DID. Get nothing from the Asterisk CLI. A SIP trace produces output similar to the above already posted.

    Attached is a screenshot of the trunk config.


    I mean, follow the instructions and trying to match according to VitalPBX GUI.

    The profile you posted explains how to configure using PJSIP, however, it is not possible to route Signalware calls to other port than 5060, due PJSIP on VitalPBX runs on the port 5062.