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    I wanted to add a solution for the callcentric server problem n the conf file for others that have the issue


    in the sip.conf  in /etc/asterisk folder add

    #include ombutel/0callcentric-server.conf

    Creeate a seperate conf file for the servers.

    add these servers


























    and save the con file

    core restart now in the asterisk CLI module

    now when you save or make changes  in the modules it wont erase the servers and they do not need to re added each tim

    this solution is specific to vitalPBX but most likely can be adapted to other IPBX

    thanks mrieva for your time and effort

    please check issue with the IVR but optioned to ring groups to see if the ring back occurs it works on extensions i know.

    issue to 2 resolved. but it would be nice to have a peer section like other to cut and paste text for nonstandard  property additions to increase flexibity of sip trunk  setups

    when will the update to fix issue 1a come out regarding park call anounce its the last piece to put this into production. once in production then it justifies a donation to support furhter developements and a few beers for the efforts of mreiva and crew. Tanks again for a great product