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    When I logged into the dashboard it said there was an update, so I updated.  Since the update I can’t get Openvpn to aknowledge my license.  It says it won’t accept past the two free licenses.  I purchased the OpenVPN from the VitalPBX store and it has work fine until I did the update.

    I tried to update from the Administrator drop down “Check for Updates” and then that fixed nothing.  I did a yum update.  That didn’t still didn’t allow OpenVPN.

    I then reboot and still OpenVPN is still now allowing more that two free licenses.

    When I got the issue of can’t add more licenses that is where I finally found my license and re-added it.


    OpenVPN still doesn’t allow more that the 2 free licenses.

    I haven’t done anything except follow instructions to update VitalPBX.  I don’t think I will be eager to ever update VitalPBX if it is going to break the system.


    I have posted a small portion of my openvpn.log and change my ip address


    What OpenVPN add-on?  If this was and upgrade wouldn’t that have been done if there was a fix for Openvpn?  How do I add the OpenVPN add-on.  The update from the “Check for updates” and yum updates wouldn’t have gotten that either???

    What did the update actually do if it didn’t do a complete update?  I just clicked on the update and then after it messed up the OpenVPN I tried the above methods to try and get it fixed with out any luck.