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    Posted by: wa4zlw

    so let me understand there will be no client for Mac, Android and iPhone?


    That is a show stopper.

    From what i see of Communicator, it seems to be pretty geared up for “call centre standard” setups. IE softphone, Windows Based workstation (normally on Older windows platforms). Ekiga is a good full featured Open source Softphone that works on windows and Linux Environments (which i use myself in testing)….. We’ve also tested and quite like Bria as a Windows / IOS / Android Cross-platform softphone, but it’s not free and my MD is a bit tight when it comes to budget!.

    I’m actually using a hybrid system now, With Grandstream GXP2160 SIP deskphones on each desk, with GS Affinity (Grandstreams Hardware/Software phone link) installed on our Windows 10 PC’s (which link with the Hardware phone to control it from the PC)… We don’t link our Mobiles to the SIP system anymore, but when we did, we were using Bria and it worked brilliantly. We just couldn’t justify paying a software subscription for something that was rarely used in place of IP handsets.