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    I Worked a lot this days on that and find some big trouble:

    1 – if incomming call go for multiples pbx components (irv..then queues ..then anouncements etc) the CDR dont create a record for each stage but seend only do last record where call hang up… this is make impossible track , based on cdr, call progression…

    2 – worst: CDR field duration  is filled only w time consumed on the last place active. So if u take 10 seconds on IVR then go 3 seconds on Queues then hangup, cdr will register only your queue time (3 secs) and ignore your ivr time (10 secs)

    3 – worst: I create a filed on cdr (link)  and CDR already have a field called trunk (never filled by vital), i fill this fields w uniqueid and DID changind extensions__20_baseplan.conf, app-incoming. When call come and go to IVR (first place) and i hangup, all sata saved nicely (trunk/did and link/uniqueid), but if i press any ivr option i go to Queue… if i hangup there CDR records dont show trunk or link info…seens CDR memory data is cleared each time call pass from place to place

    I believe this behavor is not good to report a pbx operation.

    Please Vital Crew, lets solve this issues to make Vital the best PBX arround!