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    Posted by: toxicfusion

    What about creating a custom context to disable or hotkey the call recording on/off?


    PS: Should remove your sig from forum so cant be traced back to you when posting online? Just my point view and opinion on online presence?


    Yeah i was looking at creating the hotkey, but alot contexts etc aren’t where i would expect to find them on a stock Asterisk install (for obvious reasons)… I’m making headway on it. At the moment we have it send the ‘secure calls’ to landline outside of the pbx just to make sure we’re compliant :).

    As for the signature. I take the point, although I’m not overly concerned as I tend to steer away from sensitive conversations online! and to be honest, if someone really wanted to find me, there’s easier ways than dredging through forum posts :D…. It is a bit long winded though so i think i’ll strip out most of it :).

    Instead of re-inventing the wheel, i’m hoping that the behavior can be changed. As in my mind if an extension has recording set to no, No recordings should be made of a call on that extension regardless of the recording preferences of previous extensions / queues.

    Maybe a “force no” option could be applied to extensions? I would think an option such as recording: Force Yes | Inherit | Force No would be very very handy for situations like this 😀

    Also a start / stop recording feature code would be incredibly handy 😉