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    hi mrivera,

    when i look at the python sript its using asternic-stats-pro-2.2.4.tgz no matter how many times i installed vitalpbx and install call center stats pro, after requesting trial license it goes to the page is not showing (HTTP ERROR 500).

    What i did is i edit the python script and change the asternic-stats-pro-2.2.4.tgz to asternic-stats-pro-2.2.3.tgz (this is the current release in asternic website), and then i run manually python script its working fine using the version 2.2.3, i can request trial license, after submitting request trial license the page automatically go to the call center stats login page, and now i can login to the call center stats with 30 day trial full version.

    then i test vitalpbx call center feature, i use simple and basic call center in vitalpbx (Static Agent, IVR and QUEUE). i create EXTENSION, then i create QUEUE and add the extension as static agent, then i create IVR, then i assigned the IVR to the inbound route, and works great BUT the problem is no records or reports showing in call center stats pro (i can see in call center stats pro the callers in REALTIME TAB, after the caller hangup theres no data in call center stats). I checked the vitalpbx reports and all calls showing.