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    I understand now. Thanks.

    May I suggest making it function more in line with how the hard phone functions, in that it does a New Call or line seize when the transfer button is pressed? Or an option in settings for auto Line Seize on transfer?

    I’ve been doing this for years in apps of all shapes and sizes, and could not figure this transfer action out. If a contact in the Attendant Console is set to Blind Transfer, can’t seem to get that to work at all when attempting a transfer. Had to set it to not blind transfer, let it ring once and then transfer. And even when it did, it passed the call to number, not the original caller’s number.

    A simple drag and drop transfer to the attendant console contact would be nice also.

    Lots and lots of work to be done on this app. I’m about to roll this out to a couple of receptionists and I fear of walking into a hornets nest. It literally functions the exact opposite of how they’re used to doing it on their deskphones. Maybe the new VitXi takes care of all this?

    Thanks again.