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    I have called using my verizon cell as well as my google hang out & Skype. All indicate busy or unavailable. I don’t have a land line. Is there a way to do a call trace with any of the above devices?  What is it that you are looking for? 

    To me it seems like a networking  security error.


    Here is arecord from vitelity

    A call to your DID xxx5000441 from xxx9058888 has failed at 8:19am on 04/13/2018 MDT. We received ‘CONGESTION’ when attempting to route the call to your server or device. This number is configured to route to the peer 360a_pbxout on the account 360andy. 

    Thanks again for your help, it is mystifying. I have this installed on a VPS and whitelisted the vitelity server if that helps.