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    Here is a work around that will provide a shareable voicemail that will show the number of messages unlike the the BLF solution and does not require the creation of a second account on the phone.



    Extension 401 – Front Desk 1

    Extension 402 – Front Desk 2

    Extension 450 – My “virtual” phone.

    For both extensions 401 & 402 within the VitalPBX do not enable/create voicemail in the extension configuration.

    For extension 450 enable voicemail and ensure to enable – “Generate Hit”

    Go to the VitalPBX console or “putty” into it.

    Login as – root

    then type –

    cd /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/ombutel-voicemail

    ln -s 450 401

    ln -s 450 402

    *** Now the phone***

    I have a Yealink  but I hope this helps non-Yealink users….

    Web into the phone and set –

    ACCOUNTAdvanced – Set the voice mail to the phone extension for example 401

    For the physical email button on the phone go to 

    DSSKEYProgrammable Key – For the “message” set it to SpeedDial with the value vm_450

    It tools a few minutes but the mail box 450 was checked and it showed the number of messages on both 401 and 402.