Allowing access to xepm-provision without allowing web admin access

VitalPBX Community Support General Discussion Allowing access to xepm-provision without allowing web admin access

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    New to the forum. First post. I have been experimenting with VitalPBX for the last few weeks, and am impressed. Great system….!!!! Question for anybody that may know..

    I have a hosted VitalPBX system with only a private ip of sitting behind a pfsense firewall. All traffic first goes through pfsense WAN then port forwards to the LAN side. I have tested an all functionality works great! I am using Mitel/Aastra 6867i phones and wireshark captures are clean…

    However, does anybody know how to allow port 443 to only access the phone configuration downloads, and not allow web admin access? I would like to allow “”, but not allow “”.

    Essentially, I would like for customers to be able to download phone configuration files, but not have web access. Is this possible with VitalPBX?

    I have experimented with squid on pfsense, but can’t seem to get it work right without my snort IDS/IPS blocking me out, or having certificate issues. I suspect some type of reverse proxy may be necessary, but not sure….

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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