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    I updated  my system to 2.0.5-4 last night before go to sleep.  My system was not too old because the last update time was around last week. This morning I got people calling that the voicemail is not working. I came to the office and tried on my voicemail and I heard ” voicemail service is disabled on the extension. ” Oddly enough, the voicemail indication light is on. I believe every extension has the issue at the time. I disable and enable my extension and some others and then update/reload. Every thing went back to normal.

    It’s a quick and easy fix. But it was a little scaring at that time because I don’t know how to fix it and people are waiting to check their voicemails. I usually  don’t like to update servers especially when everything is working as expected. But it was so easy (a few clicks) to update and I just click it last light. Something I can learn from this is maybe we should restart the asterisk service when an update finished.

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