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    Is there a way within GUI to control/restrict an extension from dialing other internal numbers according to a predefined pattern.

    Also it has to be able to controlled by time groups.

    I’m referring to similar feature available in FreePBX custom context module.

    (Ex. to allow ext no 200 to be able to dial all internal numbers in Day time but only to ext no 250 and ext nos 26x  in the night time )

    I can’t find a way to accomplish this within the COS module of VitalBPX.  

    Any clue on this is appreciated.





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    In VitalPBX it is possible to block the call between COS extensions in the following way:
    1.- Create a COS with all the privileges and select it as Private.
    2.- Create a second with all the privileges and also select it as Private.

    In this way, the extensions of these two COSs will not be able to call each other.

    You can also use the Custom Context Addons, but you have to create a bit of code.


    Dear Admin,

    Thanks and appreciate your reply.

    Actually, I have an implementation with this requirement already done with FreePBX and I have plans to migrate to VitalPBX.

    I have attached an image link of the the FreePBX way of doing it to get an idea of what I am expecting.

    As in the image example; the ext200 only can dial numbers from 200 upto 299 and extension from 450 to 459 and only  320, 325,333 other

    than the external route limitations.

    To achieve a requirement as above seems bit cumbersome or not possible without creating coding(to my understanding,using

    the method you explained ) in Vital. So if you can implement an easyway to achieve requirements similar to above within your

    COS module it would be very versatile.

    Also many thanks for the Vital team for releasing such a nice product.




    The idea of including the Private option in COS is exactly limiting that you can call between two different extension groups, and we also allow the option that a group A can call group B, but that group B can not call group A. There are infinite possibilities with this option.

    I’m going to evaluate your suggestion, but we feel we would be duplicating the feature.

    Thank you for trusting the VitalPBX team


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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