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    Yesterday I noticed when I was on ssh connected to asterisk running asterisk -rvvv it restarted quite frequently, there was no real error it said it had a clean exit, and so forth ..

    So I figured it was probably something I did or didn’t do.

    Today I get an email, pbx running low on disk space, ..?

    So I logon ssh try and figure out what is going on, ..  when I found the source of the problem I found this under /var/lib/asterisk:


    agi-bin        core.13194  core.16479  core.21034  core.23703  core.25819  core.4346  core.8104
    astdb.sqlite3 core.13251 core.16581 core.21100 core.23737 core.2591 core.4451 core.8180
    core.10042 core.13294 core.1680 core.21125 core.23750 core.25914 core.4558 core.8191
    core.10050 core.13359 core.16808 core.21130 core.2380 core.26003 core.4655 core.8276
    core.10086 core.13411 core.16911 core.21140 core.23812 core.26090 core.4754 core.8291
    core.10145 core.13433 core.17013 core.21202 core.23837 core.26116 core.513 core.8382
    core.10152 core.13461 core.17072 core.21227 core.23850 core.26186 core.5176 core.8393
    core.10178 core.13512 core.17117 core.21231 core.23938 core.26213 core.5276 core.8488
    core.1024 core.13527 core.17177 core.21248 core.23947 core.26293 core.5351 core.850
    core.10245 core.13562 core.17215 core.21309 core.23950 core.26322 core.5377 core.8592
    core.10247 core.13621 core.17227 core.21329 core.24041 core.26344 core.5451 core.8683
    core.10281 core.13633 core.17285 core.21371 core.24042 core.26398 core.5466 core.8790
    core.10341 core.1366 core.17320 core.2140 core.24151 core.26419 core.5477 core.8873
    core.10342 core.13726 core.1734 core.21411 core.24256 core.26453 core.5553 core.8883
    core.10393 core.13732 core.17386 core.21450 core.24272 core.26502 core.5562 core.8981
    core.10442 core.13831 core.17422 core.21472 core.24358 core.26521 core.5585 core.8983
    core.10494 core.13833 core.17489 core.21513 core.24374 core.26553 core.5617 core.9076
    core.10550 core.13937 core.17530 core.21552 core.24465 core.26609 core.5651 core.9087
    core.10593 core.13983 core.17598 core.21577 core.24474 core.26650 core.5670 core.9113
    core.10641 core.14039 core.17633 core.21655 core.24514 core.26706 core.5683 core.915
    core.10686 core.14094 core.17708 core.21690 core.24560 core.26756 core.5715 core.9179
    core.10791 core.14200 core.17743 core.21765 core.24577 core.2700 core.5747 core.9190
    core.1088 core.14306 core.17850 core.21792 core.24615 core.27191 core.5769 core.9220
    core.10901 core.1435 core.1833 core.21867 core.24629 core.27292 core.5791 core.9278
    core.10989 core.14409 core.18457 core.21959 core.24657 core.27380 core.5825 core.9293
    core.11084 core.14513 core.18565 core.21969 core.24679 core.27482 core.5841 core.9316
    core.11189 core.1468 core.18666 core.22064 core.24726 core.27591 core.5868 core.9378
    core.1127 core.14764 core.18771 core.22071 core.24737 core.27695 core.5926 core.9399
    core.11448 core.14868 core.18889 core.22169 core.24772 core.27797 core.5956 core.9418
    core.11529 core.14875 core.18992 core.22178 core.24787 core.2804 core.5972 core.9470
    core.11552 core.14977 core.19095 core.22382 core.24836 core.28105 core.6032 core.9501
    core.11624 core.14979 core.19202 core.22413 core.2484 core.28215 core.6068 core.9525
    core.11659 core.15073 core.19348 core.2247 core.24843 core.28331 core.6075 core.960
    core.11727 core.15079 core.1941 core.22486 core.24878 core.28435 core.6135 core.9620
    core.11764 core.15082 core.20078 core.22520 core.24890 core.28541 core.6156 core.9627
    core.11833 core.15174 core.20180 core.22588 core.24907 core.29204 core.624 core.9689
    core.11863 core.15180 core.20283 core.22615 core.24938 core.29306 core.6240 core.9722
    core.11930 core.15185 core.20385 core.22686 core.24947 core.2940 core.6249 core.9728
    core.11955 core.15268 core.20415 core.22717 core.24970 core.29409 core.6371 core.9795
    core.12028 core.15280 core.20494 core.22793 core.24993 core.2941 core.6476 core.9839
    core.12057 core.15287 core.20505 core.22817 core.25010 core.29510 core.6581 core.9889
    core.1207 core.15374 core.20524 core.22899 core.25035 core.29618 core.6676 core.9941
    core.12337 core.15379 core.20597 core.22916 core.25054 core.29720 core.6775 core.9942
    core.12442 core.1538 core.20607 core.23000 core.25112 core.29820 core.6918 core.9990
    core.12536 core.15485 core.20622 core.23190 core.25159 core.29930 core.7018 documentation
    core.1256 core.15488 core.20706 core.23227 core.25168 core.3100 core.7104 images
    core.12639 core.15586 core.20710 core.23303 core.25214 core.311 core.7196 keys
    core.12680 core.15590 core.20728 core.23328 core.25259 core.3198 core.7308 licenses
    core.12742 core.15696 core.20807 core.23331 core.25266 core.32478 core.7406 moh
    core.12785 core.15700 core.20819 core.23411 core.25321 core.32585 core.748 phoneprov
    core.12848 core.1572 core.20842 core.23431 core.25368 core.32684 core.7501 priv-callerintros
    core.12883 core.15803 core.20895 core.23437 core.25423 core.3303 core.7603 rest-api
    core.12943 core.15906 core.20908 core.23509 core.25472 core.3401 core.7814 sounds
    core.12958 core.16013 core.20921 core.23534 core.25514 core.3545 core.7865 static-http
    core.12987 core.16170 core.20931 core.23540 core.25575 core.3660 core.7913
    core.13046 core.16272 core.20998 core.23600 core.25624 core.3757 core.7966
    core.13078 core.16385 core.21016 core.23635 core.25674 core.412 core.8011
    core.13149 core.1642 core.21022 core.23645 core.25784 core.4244 core.8070
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    Found out what the problem was, .. seems like tls setup had a bad certificate removed the certificate, regenerated it, .. and it stopped restarting and coring.

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