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    Having issues in getting the Announce Space Number to work on Yealinks where in the phone under Features -> Pickup & Park, Call Park Mode = Transfer, Call Park = Enabled, and Call Park Code = 700.

    With this, the phone will display a Park option in a soft key while on a call. Hitting that Park soft key will indeed park the call, but it will immediately hang up the parker without playing the space number. Of course the call is in the park slot and can be picked up via 701 (or whatever).

    If the call is parked from the Yealink using *4, it’ll play back the space number. If the call is parked via Transfer 700 Transfer, it’ll play back the space number. Only when the Park soft key is used will it not play back the space number.

    Anyone get this to work properly on their Yealinks attached to VitalPBX?



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