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    I ran into a problem making a change to the direct call pick settings in the Polycom template for a VVX 4XX series of phone with a color expansion module, and discovered duplicate entries for the a few values, that were over writing what is set through the End point manager.

    In Create Template, Advanced Settings tab, Settings Groups: call

    I changed the following setting

    call.directedCallPickupString ** to be *07 (The default value used in VitalPBX)

    After rebooting the phone, and clicking the button on the expansion module still dialed **EXTENSION instead of *07EXTENSION

    I discovered call.directedCallPickupMethod and call.directed CallPickupString are located in 2 different cfg files sent to the phone.

    The changed value in feature-MACADDRESS.cfg

    <call call.directedCallPickupMethod="legacy" call.directedCallPickupString="*07"/>

    and different set of values in sip-MACADDRESS.cfg (where Method is blank and String is **)

    <call call.dialtoneTimeOut="60" call.directedCallPickupMethod="" 
    call.directedCallPickupString="**" call.enableOnNotRegistered="1"
    call.lastCallReturnString="*69" call.localConferenceCallHold="0"
    call.localConferenceEnabled="1" call.offeringTimeOut="60" call.parkedCallRetrieveMethod=""
    call.parkedCallRetrieveString="" call.rejectBusyOnDnd="1" call.ringBackTimeOut="60"
    call.singleKeyPressConference="0" call.urlModeDialing="0">

    I’ve worked around the issue for now by using an overrides config hosted using FTP on the PBX, but it needs to be fixed.


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