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    We are using the phonebook module, and it is very helpful when users are looking for a number, they simply press the XML Group button, and they can choose between the internal or external phonebook to look up a number.

    However, there’s a couple of issues with that.

    1. If a user is unsure in which phonebook the contact is saved, they have to search in both phonebooks.
    2. Currently, you can add in an external phonebook contact details, such as Email, Company, Position etc. But there’s no way an end user can actually see it.
    3. If you want to mass update the phonebook, I don’t see a way how you can export the current phonebook so you can add new contacts to the CSV. You can only manually add in the GUI.

    Therefore, I am here to suggest the following.

    1. Allow combining an internal and external phonebook. E.g. Setting up a “Phonebook Group” which will fetch the data from multiple phonebooks.
    2. Allow adding fields for internal and external contacts, such as Email, Work, Mobile & Home numbers, and maybe notes or something like that
    3. Allow accessing phonebooks in Sonata and/or in the User Portal.
    4. Once end-users can access, we should have an option to give specific users write access.
    5. Finally, users should be able to “Click to dial” same as you can do now in the portal CDR.

    Thanks tons for all the effort you guys put into this amazing PBX.

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