Endpoint Manager: Support for Sangoma Phones?

VitalPBX Community Support Wish List Endpoint Manager: Support for Sangoma Phones?

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    I know Sangoma’s got their own three competitor PBX platforms, and it might seem to make no sense to support their desktop ip phone clients – but it’s important to note that none of their PBX’s offer any multi-tenantcy type functionality… at this time.

    If you can code support for their IP phones quicker than Sangoma can re-write their entire architectures to support multi-tenantcy… you might be faster to attract some of their customers away from them (like me) before they’re able to respond… in a year or two?

    In the meantime… I’ll put my Sangoma phones on a shelf in my closet until you roll out this support for them…

    Hopefully you share my insights on the good idea to support these phones…

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