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    I am a 3cx partner from Greece and i am evaluating vitalpbx as an alternative solution.

    I have setup a test server with a sip trunk and two extensions.

    I have a serious problem with cdrs.


    An incoming call is coming to ring group or call queue with ring strategy ring all.

    One of the extensions in the group is answering the call.

    Cdr is showing all other extensions that did not answer the call as not answered.

    Clients want to know the actual calls that where unanswered in general, meaning the call was lost.

    I also consider as crucial an option to send an email (with the caller phone number) when a call is not answered from anyone of the ring group or call queue.




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    Hi There,

    The CDR saves all the information generated by the call. When using the strategy “Ring All” on queues or ring groups, all the extensions are dialed, so, for each extension asterisk generates a CDR entry, and that’s the regular behavior.

    Now, our stats software “Sonata Stats” will be released soon, this software will allow you to get statistics from your Queues, Agents, and many other reports that will allow you to get accurate information of how your call center is working on.

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