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    I am new to VitalPBX and find it a little bit confusing, allthough LESS confusing than FreePBX ? 

    To navigate easier to some import modules, I would like to request some changes to the Dashboard.
    You have 4 colored rectangles with the following info:

    • PJSIP Devices
    • SIP Devices
    • IAX2 Devices
    • Active Calls

    It would be nice to link these rectangles/buttons to menus within VitalPBX.
    E.g. one could link the “Sip Devices” to: PBX –> Extensions   or a status list (showing more info (e.g. registered yes/no) about the SIP-connection.
    Clicking on”Active calls”,could e.g. show you which extenions are calling which other extension/trunk, or which extension received calls from which CID…

    Left below within the DAshboard, you have the “System Services”,  showing the status of e.g. Firewall, Intrusion Detection etc. 
    I would like it, if e.g. I could click on the word “Firwall” and directky go to: Admin –> Security –> Firewall, same for “Intrusion Detection”

    What do you all think, would this be a nice feature?

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    Rodrigo Cuadra

    We think your suggestion is interesting, let’s analyze with the development Team the possibility of implementing it in the following versions.

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