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    I am using Time Conditions rightnow to determine which IVR to play to the customer:

    1. During opening, the customer can use which department to talk to
    2. “if time does not match” the customer gets a IVR Message:
      “we are closed” and the openings hours.

    Then I began wondering how would one add a message, saying e.g. “Merry Christmas, today we are closed. blah blah blah”.
    I should probably have to switch the announcement manual on X-mas day and back later.
    So I came up with some enhancements for “Time Conditions” (see picture).

    With this enhancement one could schedule multiple conditions in advance.
    As you can see in the picture e.g. I would have one “Jan 1st message” and let it play on 1st jan 2010 and 2021.

    For this to work one should set the most specific TimeGroups on top and the general TimeGroups as last.
    To be able to schedule ahead, one should have also the possibility select a starting end ending year.

    Fellow VitalPBX afficionados, what do you think about my proposal?


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    I think many people are not using time conditions, so people are less interested in this.

    It’s somewhat difficult to use it, but I find it great to announce that the business is closed during after hours (e.g. Hi, we are closed right now! Our bussiness hours are monday thru friday from bla bla bla)

    Just added the attachment as a picture instead of attachment, add more visibility!




    This is for not to use multiple time conditions items, and add multiple destinations in the match section, right?

    I think this could be added to another module or a PRO version of time condition. ? ? 


    It’s your decision to add this to another module or pro version ofcourse ? 
    However the proposed change is not really a big change if you look closer to the image.

    if you see it like programming, the current TimeCondition is like an if-then-else:

    • If time in TimeGroup then do action (eg. IVR or announcement)
    • else do other action (eg. announcent company closed)

    the proposed change is like:

    • If time in TimeGroupA then do actionA (eg. IVR or announcement)
    • else if time in TimeGroupB then do actionB
    • else if  time in TimeGroupC then do actionC
    • else if  time in TimeGroupD then do actionD
    • else if  time in TimeGroupE then do actionE
    • else do other action (eg. announcent company closed)

    As you can see, it’s from a programmers view (a minor change).
    I myself would find it awesome to be able to schedule e.g. announcents for hollidays, special events etc. easily instead of manually changing the announcent or IVR during my own hollidays ? 

    But ofcourse minor front end changes sometime have big back end changes… ? 



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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