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    Recent problems with the MOH facility have led me to think there are issues with the file permissions in folder /var/lib/ombutel/static.

    If I create a MOH class and add a sound file, in folder /var/lib/ombutel/static the system generates  a subfolder with a random hexadecimal name, containing the MOH file. And MOH works.

    However if from the server CLI you run vitalpbx –check-integrity it reports that the /static folder has wrong permissions. It also creates a¬† a new “moh” folder in /var/lib/ombutel/static but does not appear to use it. Instead any new MOH class you create is placed in the previously-mentioned folder with the hexadecimal name.

    Just mentioning this as it might indicate that some corrections are needed somewhere.

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    As you mentioned, the moh folder created in /var/lib/ombutel/static has no relevance is like a dummy folder, the real moh folder is created under the tenant path.

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