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    Trying to use Endpoint Manager to deploy some BLF indicators on Grandstream GXP2135’s (8 VPK’s, 4 pages, 32 in total).

    Finding many quirks with the Grandstream handsets, particularly:

    • The first VPK has to be reserved for the SIP account.  If it’s assigned anything else the handset won’t make or receive calls.  If you only assign one or two VK’s the SIP account automatically moves down and isn’t an issue but if you fill the first screen (8 VPK’s) the issue occurs.  That means you have to leave the first one alone and there’s only 7 usable VPK’s on the first page, 31 in total, not 32.
    • There seems to be an issue with VitalPBX assigning VPK’s on anything beyond the first 8.  I’m finding that when I assign a type within Endpoint Manager it works fine for the first page, so I get 7 BLF’s working great.  The problem comes when I want more links on the following pages.  If I set button 9 to be a BLF indicator, the phone gets an LDAP Search button.  If I set speed dial I get intercom and if I set LDAP Search I get something else forward.  Only happens on the second page of VPK’s, the first page works great.

    Really weird!  Any ideas?


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    Just want to add this seems to occur on both my deployments – 2.0.3-3 and 2.0.5-5.


    And on numerous firmware versions for the handsets.


    Done a bit more work on this and have some info that may help others.

    The first page of VPK’s works as intended.  On the second page, set as follows:

    VitalPBX Setting = Actual Phone Setting

    • Line = Speed Dial
    • Speed Dial = Intercom
    • LDAP Search = Forward
    • BLF = LDAP Search
    • Intercom = Message
    • Presence Watcher = Conference
    • Transfer = XML Application
    • Call Log = Multicast Listen Address
    • Call Return = Menu
    • Call Park = Information
    • Dial DTMF = Call Log
    • Eventlist BLF = Multicast Paging
    • Menu = None
    • Monitored Call Park = Keypad Lock
    • Multicast Paging = Redial
    • Record = Instant Messages
    • Shared Line = BLF
    • Speed Dial via Active Account = Record
    • Voicemail = Monitored Park

    Subsequent pages seem OK.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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