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    Firstly sorry for my poor English.

    I’m migrating from freepbx and wanted to install VitalPbx yesterday and it took my all day.

    I’m on Esxi 5.5 with 4gigs of ram.

    First i’ve installed clean Centos 7 (minimal iso, updated after installation) and started the installion script from the github. Its failed.

    Then i’ve installed from latest iso that provided by you. Then its failed again.

    Because both script and the installion iso comes with the php 5.4, and they stuck on the sql processes. (Console gave an error such as no defininion pdo classes etc.)

    After all, i’ve reinstalled clean centos 7 then first of all i’ve installed php 5.6 and ioncube manually. Then i’ve started the script on the github again. 

    Now its working almost flawlessly.

    You should check your installation process since not much people can pass this situation and you loose rating vs other competitors.

    I said almost flawlessly because, now dashboad shows no data. You have missed console.log code on the ajax returns.  And It shows some json about dashboard but all values are 0 other than load avarages. Here’s an example.

    System info: {“cpu_usage”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0],”mem_usage”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0],”swap_usage”:[0,0,0,0,0,0,0],”current_cpu_usage”:0,”current_mem_usage”:0,”current_swap_usage”:0,”load_avg”:[“0.00″,”0.11″,”0.17″],”hdd”:{“used”:0,”free”:0,”graph”:[0,0]},”services”:{“firewalld”:false,”fail2ban”:false,”asterisk”:false,”dahdi”:false,”openvpn@server”:false}}

    I’ve checked the firewall for the ports 3000 and 3005, all are open. 

    One more thing, i want to buy some of the your moduıles. But as a new customer, some of the modules are look like little priced. (From Turkiye, multiple your price by 6x) You should have some bundles with usefull modules for the new comers.

    You have an great asterisk ui. Congratulations on vitalpbx.

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    What’s the problem with PHP v5.4?, Esxi 5.5  Doesn’t allow this PHP version?

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