[MIGRATION NOTICE] We are moving to a new forum platform!!!

VitalPBX Community Support General Discussion [MIGRATION NOTICE] We are moving to a new forum platform!!!

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    Joseph Montes

    I would like to let you know that we are now moving on Forum Platforms.

    This forum has given us great interactions and allowed for so many questions answered. Yet, it can be a bit difficult to manage and not give us as many freedoms we might need when opening a post and give a follow-back.

    So, we are now moving to a new platform which you can access today,https://forums.vitalpbx.org. This new platform is a more complete environment and allows us to have more organized interactions.


    What will happen to this forum?

    This forum as of August 1st, 2021 will become read-only. Meaning that no new users or new posts can be created. The new forum platform is now accepting new user registrations, and allows for you to register with your Google or Twitter accounts.

    Are old posts being migrated?

    No, old posts on this forum will not be migrated to keep the new platform organized and cleaned from any bots or redundancy. This is why we are leaving this old forum as read-only, so answers displayed on this form can be left for historical value.


    So, once again, we invite you to join the new forum platform on the link above and continue communicating there!

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