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    I wanted to confirm the handling of multiple languages for VitalPBX.  From what I can tell, you can set the language to the desired value using the Languages module in the Incoming Calls menu, and this will change the language used for prompts and other system messages.  However, there is nothing to assist in avoiding the need to duplicate IVR and Announcement objects when the only difference is the sound file needing to be a different language.

    In FreePBX, by way of comparison, I am able to create a System Recording and upload separate sound files for each language I need to support.  This then lets me create a single IVR or Announcement and specify the system recording to play.  The system is smart enough to play the sound file for the language currently selected, so long as I prepared ahead of time to provide the separate language recordings for that sound.

    This would save a lot of duplicate effort if VitalPBX could provide some kind of similar capability.  The ability to specify a sound resource and provide versions of that resource in each of the languages I need to support would avoid the duplication of an IVR where the only difference is the sound file to play.

    If there is a means of accomplishing this already, please let me know.  If there is not – does anyone know if there are plans for providing something akin to this in the future?







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