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    Hello. I need help with the number routing.
    Here is the situation, there is one France number 33 810 245 810. It’s a premium number and only one trunk called “twilio” can reach the number. All the other trunks like “FlowRoute” cannot called the premium number. However, most of the France numbers works fine with “flowroute”. I like to use “FlowRoute” trunk to dial out phone numbers because it’s cheaper. I want to use “twilio” to call 33 810 245 810 because it’s the only trunk capable of calling it. Here is USA and we dial it in this format 01133x..

    I put the extension 1001 in Account class of service. In the account class of service, the route selection is France. In the France route selections, I have two oubound routes. One is TwilioCustomizeNum and another one is InternationalNonAsian.
    In the InternationalNonAsian outbound route, the pattern is 0xxxxxx.
    In the TwilioCustomizeNum, the pattern is 01133810245810 , prefix is 01. and prepend is +

    I was thinking if I dial 01133143386613, it would go to InternationalNonAsian route which leads to FlowRoute trunk. But it accutually uses the TwilioCustomizeNum route.
    So how can I achive my goal to use a specific number with twilio while others using flowRoute?

    Also I don’t quite understand my pattern setup for the TwilioCustomizeNum. Twilio only accepts E164 format so the number has to be like +33x. I first set the prefix as 011 hoping it will strip the “011”, but it didn’t. After some google I found that “01.” prefix works for me. But I don’t know why.


    I attached a screenshot. Since I can only attach one file, I put several screenshots in one picture.

    Thank you!

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    May you share a call trace of an outgoing call from Asterisk CLI to see what is happening?

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