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    I have few customers using Vital PBX that uses local carriers, his carriers do not use common Internet SIP lines, they deliver a fiber optic connected to connect to their main PBX and then go out to the PSTN, the problem is that the last mile networking IP settings different than the IP of the provider PBX. Example:

    LocalPBX ( – ProviderLastMile Gateway ( – ProviderPBX(

    To correct this we create a static IP route on the server by creating a file on the network settings “/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth2” like this: via dev eth2

    All fine at this point, the problem is that when I make any change on the GUI for the network setting and save the file seems to be overwrite by a kind of script and after a network reset or network restart lost the ruining configuration, so the customer loss the access tot he provider PBX and at the end his communication with the PSTN. 

    Is there a way to add the static route on the script so it get permanent (as a workaround), and latter is there a way to add the feature to the GUI (we can pay for that development as we did in the past).

    My current setup:

    VitalPBX 2.3.1-1 
    Asterisk 16.2.1-1 
    DAHDI 2.11.1-6 



    Carlos Cambronero

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    We will have in consideration your report and try to implement this feature for future versions of VitalPBX.

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