noob and issue with trunks not working

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     Hay folks.  So I’ll cut to the chase.  installed and working so far with only issue being not able to make or recieve calls.

    4 Trunks all showing as registered.  Confirmed on the supplier side too.


    problem a, Yet I have not worked out why calls in don’t work either direct to a phone or via IVR, hunt group etc.


    problem b, how to set a trunk to dail out.  would prefer to have option like 9 for outside calls, but only using one trunk  for out ONLY on all calls by default, and would be good to specify out on any other by some predefined method.

    all phones work internally, trunks are connceted, appliance is connected to web, dns is set, just cant see why i cant resolve the last 2 issues!

    TIA folks and look forward to a little help.  Cheers CandyMoo

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    For outbound calls you must define the outbound routes, also, you have to make sure, what kind of number your provider support, I mean, what kind of format. Most of the providers support the format E.164

    For inbound calls, you only have to define the inbound routes. You can create an inbound Item with DID and CID in blank, meaning, Any/Any

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