Paging and Intercom MulticastRTP and SIP

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    The MulticastRTP feature in Paging & Intercom will only work for VitalPBX installations that are physically (maybe virtually if multicast is supported via VPN or otherwise) on the local network where you’re attempting to multicast.

    Perhaps it could be possible to specify a SIP host to do the multicasting on the local network where the SIP host resides?

    Yealink (and Grandstream) phones have the ability to define Paging Lists along with Multicast Listening addresses. So send the SIP call to the specified SIP host (ie: a Yealink), which in turns initiates a multicast page to the predefined multicast IP and port on the local network, via a Yealink Action URL or whatever.

    This is not unlike what this device already does:

    The difference would be not having to buy dedicated proprietary hardware to do the SIP to multicast handoff – utilize one of the SIP phones that is already available at the customer site.


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