Push Notifications and Ring Time

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    When Send Push is activated for an extension, as expected a call will attempt to push to available devices:

    Executing [s@send-push:1] NoOp(“PJSIP/call-trunk-00000a36”, “SUB: Send push notification”) in new stack

    A problem occurs when there are no push devices available – it gobbles up ring time for the extension. Thus if an extension is set to the default ring time of 25 seconds, most of that is consumed by the push notifications looking for a device. This needs to be rethought in a way so as to not consume dedicated ring time. Either merge the timers, simulring the devices, or provide two applicable ring timers.

    Secondly, have noticed that if an extension was set to Send Push, and then subsequently set to not Send Push, calls will Send Push anyways. In essence, I’m stuck with this Send Push action, along with the aforementioned ring time issue.


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