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    first of all i would like to thank the developers of vitalpbx for bringing us this beautiful product (vitalpbx, sonata modules, etc). it is almost unified communication. im freepbx and elastix users for a long time but vitalpbx makes me very excited again to introduce it to all my clients.

    That being said, i have few requests and one of them is CRM integrations. i hope vitalpbx developer can integrate any opensource CRM like VTIGER CRM or SUGARCRM or SUITECRM or ODOO Community Edition.

    Some Scenarios in Call Centers:

    1. vitalpbx receive a call and it will be in the queue

    2. crm popup notification will show in the right down corner of agents computer:

         – popup notification will show some information like who’s the caller

         – popup notification will show (create new contacts, add contacts, etc)


    I hope vitalpbx developer will include this because this will be very useful.





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