Running VitalPBX in a Docker Container?

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    Greetings, I’ve been very impressed by the overall design and simplicity of the VitalPBX platform; as a hobbyist I find that to be the most important part when configuring a local SIP phone system for my house. I recently upgraded to a Mac Mini server that’s capable of running Docker and I figured instead of buying an additional Raspberry Pi and using that to run my PBX system I’d use a container because then all the processes are on one machine, easier to manage and ideally less power consumption.

    I found an image of VitalPBX already on Docker Hub, while accompanied by no documentation the image appears to run… I can exec into it and get to bash, but that’s about it…

    It requests access to ports 3000 and 3005 in the DockerFile, which is weird because that’s only a small fraction of what the average FreePBX container asks for and doesn’t include the normal HTTP/HTTPS ports or any common SIP ports. I miss being able to type in status in bash to get a readout of server stats like I used to do with Incredible back in the day, because with Vital I’m really not sure how the webserver component that you’re supposed to manage everything through works. My only guess is that it isn’t working, because when I do netstat or wget to see what ports are open and serving content I get… next to nothing. Just 43883 and 45445, neither of which is exposed by the default configuration or generally used for a web interface.

    Any ideas about this? I really think shared kernel virtualization is the future and it would be sweet to see a system like this running inside of a container; it just doesn’t seem like that’s the reality presently.

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    I think that who built the docker’s script forgot to open ports like SIP, RTP, HTTP/HTTPS, etc

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