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    Hello Everybody. ? 

    I’m new user on VitalPBX. 

    I have problem with SIP trunk registration. Our sip provider give me only outbound proxy ip, host name, username, password. But there are many field in vitalpbx such as  remote username, Local username, Local secret, Remote secret so I think local ans remote is same in my case?

    Q1-   Is Freebpx’s Register String value comfortable to VitalPBX Register String in Trunk settings in Text mode? 

    Q2-  Our sip provider required host by domain-name but outbound proxy set in remote host then peers status OK if domain-name set in remote host field  on the vitalpbx then peer status unteachable.   Where set outbound proxy server ip address in VitalPBX ?

    Q3-  I asked from SIP provider why i couldn’t sip registered then they replied me register string has wrong format. 


    Thank you.


    I didn’t find any button to upload file in the forum sorry ? 

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    To avoid confusion, you may use the plain mode for creating your trunks, just avoid to put the context parameter on the plain configurations. 

    On the register string field, you may put anything according to the indications of your VoIP provider.

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