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    I’m in the process of preparing a potential migration to VitalPBX; to the latest version 3.0.4-4 on a the following system: I’m doing testing on the following system:

    Host: Xeon 2.4GHz, 4 CPU running Xen with 16 GB ram
    Guest: VitalPBX ISO with latest update 3.0.4-4, 2 CPU with 2Gb ram, 14Gb disk space with 470Mb swap

    The average load is around 22% (using htop shows the load as if on one CPU). VitalPBX response to in GUI, SFTP, or ssh is very slow. When I ssh to SFTP it takes 15 seconds to respond. And it takes 8 second to respond when I select, for example, PBX->Extensions-> extensions.

    The delay time on other similar systems (e.g. FreePBX) is only 3 seconds max. Is there anything I can do in the configurations that it will speed up?

    FYI… I disabled NetworkManager and vpx-monitor, which reduced overall load but didn’t help with the response time. I’ve disabled fail2ban and firewalld since I’m using CSF (configs Server firewall) instead on all my systems. Please advise. Thank you!

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