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    It would really be nice to be able to user the extension for a tenant, and then have the differentiator between the tenants to be FQDN instead of Prefix.

    Then we could have for example:
    Extension 103 @ company1.telco.com  instead of Prefix T1_103
    Extension 103 @ company2.telco.com instead o fPrefix T2_103

    Why this would be incredibly useful for some coming from the FreePBX world, is that we could then use the same formats from multiple existing PBX servers and combine them into a single VitalPBX server.  Further, it would allow for easier failover while migrating from FreePBX to VitalPBX.  For example:

    For Phone – Extension 101
    User Name: 101    (instead of the T1_101 that is now used)

    We could then have:
    Sip Server 1: Server Host = Company1.telco.com
    Sip Server 2: Server Host = Company1-failover.telco.com

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    Asterisk is not capable to have multiple devices with the same name, so, this is not possible by now.

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