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    We have a Vital 2.3.8-1 with various Tenants. With some frequency a client has been relating calls from another tenant being picked.
    What happens: Extension T22_1005 tries to pick up a call from another extension using *07 1001, but the call picked is fron another trunk, the T27_1001. 
    T22_ is for amep Tenant or 1030ebe751d98d80
    T27_ is for forte Tenant or 9a0eccd881ffc910

    In this line we can see clearly that T22_1005 is picking a call fron the T27 Tenant:
    SIP/T22_1005-00002cad Internal Gosub(sub-call-recording,s,1(9a0eccd881ffc910,5521971069871,1001,yes)) start

    Atached, a larger piece of the log.

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