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    It is possible to transfer a call to the VitalPBX Communicator endpoint?  I have seen this feature referred to as “Call Flip”. It is a variation of blind transfer. Example scenario: You are speaking on the phone at your desk and you need to leave the building.  You press a soft key on your desk phone and your smartphone starts ringing. Since it was some sort of a blind transfer, when you answer the call on your smart phone, the call becomes live on the smartphone and disconnects from the desk phone. the person on the other end of the call does not hear any hold music or tones during the flip.

    I can accomplish this using Parking, but it isn’t as smooth as the call flip, and with the call flip, the other party does not hear any hold music. In fact, unless they are paying close attention and listening to the quality of the call, they usually have no idea you flipped the call to your smartphone.

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    This is something that we may add in the future as part of VitalPBX’s features

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