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    Hey there

    Is VitalPBX the upstream of XorCom? Or really all fall back to Ombutel?

    I see Xorcom added some new features in which VitalPBX does not have; however XorCom is premium paid product…

    Will we get FOP2 integration?

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    VitalPBX is a derivative of Ombutel as is CompletePBX from Xorcom.
    Since September 2017, Xorcom continued its path with CompletePBX and was born VitalPBX (formerly Ombutel).
    Currently VitalPBX integrates seamlessly with FOP2 and is installed like this from the console
    yum install fop2

    VitalPBX includes many features, among which we can mention the following:

    Sonata Suite

    • Sonata Switchboard (It is an alternative to FOP2. Sonata Switchboard is fully integrated with VitalPBX)
    • Sonata Billing (Call Charging System)
    • -Sonata Recording (Record Manager)


    • IRV Stats (IVR Statistics)
    • Custom Context
    • Virtual Fax
    • Bulk Extension
    • Task Manager
    • Phone Book
    • OpenVPN Server/Client
    • Multi-Tenant
    • Branding
    • Dynamic Destination
    • Dynamic Routing
    • Queue Call Back

    And features in the core like:

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