VitalPBX on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (8 GB RAM)

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    Hello guys,

    Has anyone ran VitalPBX on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (8 GB RAM)? I saw on the stress test article, that it is possible to run it on an ARM architecture, but that stress test is for an older model of Raspberry.

    What I wonder is how much calls can the specified build, which I intend to run it on handle. If anyone is running it, can you run the stress test script?

    Also, is there any special installation instruction for Raspberry or I just have to load the ISO?

    Right now I have it on a Hetzner 2 GB RAM VPS and it’s awesome, however I want to have it inside my own network at home.

    P.S. Apologies if this was asked before – I couldn’t find any similar topic.

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