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    I’ve recently signed up for a VoIP service and SIP2SIM service – both through Andrews & Arnold (

    The configuration I have tried to implement is as follows:

    • Inbound calls via the VoIP service are routed to my PBX
    • Extension 1337 is routed back to A&A, through their SIP2SIM service
    • Outbound calls from the extension 1337 are correctly routed

    Despite trying just about every combination of settings, SIP Profiles etc I’ve not been able to achieve the above.

    One issue I’ve encountered is as follows – A&A have (for example 3 servers: a, b, c):

    • SIP2SIM is registered to server a
    • Inbound calls are routed via all 3 servers (a, b, c)
    • Inbound calls via server a are presented with correct authorisation, but fail as authentication is attempted against the extension 1337
    • Inbound calls via b and c work correctly
    • Outbound calls from 1337 work correctly
    • Dialling the extension 1337 via the IVR briefly give the ringing tone, but then receive a 603 decline – and then go to voicemail.

    I’m happy to share my configuration (but it’s quite messy now)! But was wondering if anyone has ever used these services (or similar) together and managed to get it all working



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