VitXi Reset?

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    So it appears that I’ve managed to blow up my VitXi install, but I’m not quite sure how.

    I began getting an SQL message while trying to login in VitXi after trying to remove VitXi in VitalPBX from one user and then trying to add it to another. I wish I could remember this message, as would probably be useful in bug squashing. It seemed to suggest however (if I remember correctly) that there was a duplicate user, or something along those lines.

    Being that this was an SQL message, I figured I’d be clever and delete the VitXi database and that the system would recognize it and go through the initial setup. This of course didn’t resolve the problem. Rather than restarting the wizard, if still showed the login screen. Any attempt to login results in the following error message: SQLSTATE[3D000]: Invalid catalog name: 1046 No database selected (SQL: select * from users where user_name = admin limit 1)

    so… I then tried to trash the VitXi add on and the License Manager, and reinstall. This still shows the same message.

    Interestingly I was able to install VitXi on another VM, and then have it work through an application key.

    Naturally I’m hoping to get it working on the VitalPBX server again, and that there’s just a straight forward way to reset it.



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