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    I’m developing a WebRTC client and I need to solve an issue to get it work with VitalPBX.

    The issue is, that I do not get back the right presence states of other pjsip extensions.

    It seems this is because of your customized hints in dialplan (extensions__25-1-hints.conf), i.e…
    exten => <exten>,hint,pjsip/<exten>&Custom:DND_<exten>

    If I subscribe to <exten>@<myServer.tld>, no matter what state the extension is, the returned body xml always includes the following note element…
    …this also happens if I subscribe to DND_<exten>@<myServer.tld>.

    If I manually adjust the dialplan to…
    exten => <exten>,hint,pjsip/<exten>
    …and reload it on the asterisk shell
    …and I subscribe to <exten>@<myServer.tld>,
    …then the returned body xml includes a note element with the correct state, i.e…

    It is clear to me, that this manual adjustment is overwritten with the next db update from VitalPBX side…
    So I’m wondering, how to get the right extension states natively from VitalPBX?

    Let me know how to get it work or if you need further details.

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