Easy guide: Installing Google Text to Speech in VitalPBX

In this short tutorial, we will explain how to convert text to speech using the Google Translate Platform and VitalPBX. For this, we have created an automized script (Available on Github) that installs all the needed resources and dialplan for testing.

Below, we will show you how to install everything necessary to use Google Text to Speech in your VitalPBX installation.


1.- Connect via an SSH client to the VitalPBX console.

2.- Download the installation script, give it execution permissions, and run the script:

[root@vitalpbx /]# cd /tmp
[root@vitalpbx tmp]# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/VitalPBX/Google_TTS_VitalPBX/master/install.sh
[root@vitalpbx tmp]# chmod +x install.sh
[root@vitalpbx tmp]# ./install.sh

After executing the install script, you may dial *887 to testing the Text-to-Speech in different languages.

If you would like to modify the file that contains the sample dialplan, you must go to “/etc/asterisk/ombutel/extensions__60-google_tts.conf”. After modifying the file, you have to reload the dial plan with the following command:

[root@vitalpbx /]# asterisk -rx"dialplan reload"

As you can see, utilizing the script we made, it is easy to use Google Cloud’s Text to Speech abilities with VitalPBX.

Demo Video

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June 6, 2019

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