VitalPBX 2.4.2 Release 6

Here’s a new update for VitalPBX 2, that includes various fixes regarding PJSIP Devices, Multi-Tenant, and more. Below, we will list the changes on this release.


  • Extensions:
    • Create PJSIP devices with two contacts by default.
    • Remove existing contacts when trying to connect a new device to an account that has reached the maximum number of allowed contacts.
  • Backup: Now, the asterisk dialplan is included as part of the backup. This has been made with the intention to preserve any dialplan customization in case of restoring in a new PBX.


  • Voicemail: In a multi-tenant environment, the voicemail password gets overwritten when an extension with the same number as in other tenants updates its password by phone.
  • System Misc: Time zones updates from GUI were not applied to asterisk nor apache, this was producing that the BLF for time conditions and time group matching didn’t give the expected results.
  • Features: Spy features didn’t work as expected when the extension to be spied had more than one device.
  • Trunks: It was not possible to create custom trunks if not DAHDI devices were present.


  • Asterisk Filters: The Fail2Ban’ filter for matching asterisk attackers has been updated in order to interpret in a better way all the asterisk security events.
  • Ban Actions: The ban action for jailing attackers has been customized to avoid being overwritten by the Firewall updates.


This new update comes to stabilize version 2 of VitalPBX, adding fixes, security improvements, and other minor updates.

Also, we want to say thank you to all of you for using VitalPBX, reporting issues, and for supporting us through the commercial add-ons and subscriptions.


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